The man who believes he can do something is probably right, and so is the man who believes he can’t.  So what’s it going to be? Are you attaching to your very sticky, very clingy limiting beliefs about what you can’t accomplish or taking garden shears and cutting through  the velcro to make a shift?

You may trip over words such as “discipline” and “practice” as you move along the path. You may stop cold at the first setback and never take another step. You may begin to stroll in the general direction of your dreams humming a tune of defeat all the while and wonder why you can’t progress..

What does it take to make the shift – slight or grand, that will move you towards your unique contribution?  Two important strategies taken together are critical.

First,  we MUST plan for setbacks. Setbacks are a part of the natural process of change. Forgetting to plan for them is often the preventative factor in achieving our outcomes.  This planning may take many forms i.e. financial planning  for a slow period, or setting up a support group for times of discouragement.  Accepting that setbacks are normal while stepping  out  on the road to change lowers the hurdles on the path.

Second, rehearse relapses. Folks giving up smoking usually relapse on the 60th day. Knowing what you’ll do on the 61st day allows you to move past the relapse without losing energy in bashing yourself. Writing down the steps you’ll take immediately, if you relapse, supports your  forward momentum i.e.calling your coach; acknowledging you are human in an email to a friend.

Change IS possible. Use proven strategies to shear through the beliefs that prevent you from moving through the roadblocks. Then celebrate big!

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