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Take a Stand

I have been riven with grief, rage and fear these past 20 days. Today, inspired by a leadership blog post, I am sharing a conviction.
What occurred in Israel on Oct. 7th can go by no other name than terrorism – regardless of your political position on the Palestinians!
It must be called out as the evil it is.
Wherever your sympathies lie in the political maelstrom that is Israel, the events of that day and the following days is nothing less than a holocaust.
Leadership requires taking a stand – especially in times of grief, rage, confusion, fear. This is mine and it is an invitation to NOT be afraid to call out the morally reprehensible acts as terrorism. Equivocation is not part of taking a stand! Clarity and directness IS!
To move forward, we must see what is in front of us. In that way, the peacemakers of the world gather the integrity and energy required to forge ahead.
Take a stand!

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