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About Us

Introduction to The Valiant Group, a video by Annette Segal

The Valiant Group helps executives, entrepreneurs and other high performance leaders develop new competencies for the benefit of themselves and the organizations they serve. We help our clients integrate and sustain new behaviors, not just new thinking, to cultivate a quantum shift in results, so they can:

• Mobilize for thoughtful action
• Build vibrant, resilient teams that deliver what they promise
• Anticipate the opportunities and challenges in change
• Innovate and integrate
• Generate genuine, productive communication
• Find meaning and purpose despite stress

The Valiant Group believes that the whole person is present in every moment, every action…and we work with that “whole”. Our coaching is based on a unique relationship of mutual trust, honesty and creativity that allows individuals and teams to grow into a wider perspective and build the muscles of new behaviors. And since the work is profound, entering into it is always an act of courage – a valiant act.

Our method integrates psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, ontology (way of being) social science, behavioral science, conscious embodiment and several wisdom traditions which offer unsurpassed results to individuals and organizations.

Annette Segal specializes in developing courage and new competence in leaders and the organizations they serve. Bringing over 25 years of experiential education, consulting, training and coaching experience to her work, she creates opportunities for leaders to be authentic, creative and calm in the midst of chaos. Emphasizing confident, accountable teams that deliver what they promise, Annette helps people integrate and sustain new behavior, not just new thinking.

Annette is a former high school principal, a certified Integral Coach and co-author of The Game of Truth: A Humorous Guide to Self-Discovery. She has presented workshops at Stanford, George Mason University, University of Arizona, USC and SDSU and facilitated Ropes Courses in Moscow, Singapore and Athens as part of her team-building work.

My Story

My childhood was spent in different countries and different languages. So naturally, I bring a cross-cultural perspective to my world view. And since my parents were Holocaust survivors, I grew empathy for people’s suffering at a young age.

I am fascinated by human development – so I’ve always been a student. I’ve studied philosophy and human development since I was 18 – began using what I learned as a teacher in elementary school then as a high school literature instructor, a speed reading specialist, a memory developer, a creativity teacher and a high school principal. Training teachers and developing curriculum finally brought me to coaching and consulting.

Along the way I’ve earned degrees and certifications, led Ropes Courses, raised two sons as a single mom, survived cancer twice, co-written a book entitled “The Game of Truth: A Humorous Guide to Self-Discovery,”  published many articles on aspects of development, created curriculum for San Diego City Schools and worked in Moscow, Singapore, Greece and South Africa. And  I am still integrating what I’ve learned.

I have a passion for neuroscience and ontology and glorious, colorful Nature! I like to play, ski, hike and cook!

My Buddhist practice, Kundalini Yoga, and years as a Diamond Approach student support me in learning and teaching how we humans can integrate our shadow selves to lead fuller, richer, more creative lives. Shadow work is one of my specialties!

Why I Coach

I believe people can live beyond the limitations of their circumstances and current beliefs. There is a difference between making a living and making a life!

People are hurting, yet their suffering contains the jewels that will liberate them into living their unique gifts and contributions to the planet.

Who I Work With

My ideal clients are change agents – resourceful, intelligent, successful.

I help beginning entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who are ready to face their fears, live life more courageously and make their unique contributions to the world.

I also grow courageous, seasoned leaders who create a more sustained impact on their organization and revitalize their creative powers. I support Coaches to show up more courageously for their clients and become more powerful through a program of deep inquiry and strong structural support.

My coaching work includes executives at many organizations: Clorox, Nikon Precision, Twitter, Cisco, Genentech, NASA, SpaWars, and many not-for-profits: SFJewish Family Service, Goodwill Industries and YearUp. I train coaches and lead Mastermind Groups as well as Coaching Circles. I also work with leaders in an innovative workshop entitled, “Dancing with the Shadow.”

I often collaborate with masters in QiGong, Feldenkrais and Yoga when designing my workshops.

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