Leadership coaching for measurable, observable outcomes.

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The new world of business is a world of speed, agility, flexibility, innovation, mobilization, collaboration, competence, and character. Our coaching addresses each. Our work produces embodied competence in leaders and managers; they have the ability to consistently produce the desired result because of self-reflection, practice and new behaviors developed through a carefully designed and executed program.

We help you live into new behaviors, not just new insights. We are successful only when there are measurable, observable outcomes for you that grow out of a relationship of mutual respect, trust and creativity.

“Five stars for The Valiant Group’s, Leadership Development! Annette worked with our Executive Team and Sr. Managers on leadership communications, helping us understand the way we communicate and why we communicate the way we do under stress. In working with our teams, Annette was receptive to our specific culture, customizing her program to meet our personality and business needs. Her training enabled us to improve the way our leaders communicate with each other, giving all participants the same base line vocabulary to work from. Each leader worked on specific challenges and had both support and accountability built into the follow up, helping make shifts in behavior possible. I highly recommend Annette and the Valiant Group for your company.”

Dena House., Nikon Precision, Belmont, CA

“Annette did a fantastic job working with me on leadership/executive presence etc. A lot of her work helped me get through my first 30 days in a high powered role in a confident, assertive fashion. She also excels in teaching the right way to communicate in different settings. I ran into a tough personal situation (unrelated to my work) and Annette was very flexible in working through it and even volunteered to help counsel me through it (this was outside the scope of our engagement).”

– Saravanan Chettier, VP Finance, AgileOne

“Annette supports coaches in developing their many competencies. Her belief that failure is only feedback, helps coaches take the risks that deepen trust in their intuition. Through modeling and deep inquiry, she encourages coaches to ask more courageous questions. Working this way, helped me find a focal point for each client and creatively design for that individual. Run…don’t walk to work with Annette. She is spectacular and completely dedicated to those she supports.”

– Michelle Gale, Director of Employee Dev., Twitter, CA

Coaching is concerned with what is happening NOW, not how one got here. Sure, we are very much influenced by our language, culture, family of origin and the events that shaped our lives up to this moment, yet coaching integrates that way of seeing the world and provides more openness, more possibility, more opportunities. It transcends the client’s way of being in the world while respectfully including it.

Coaching is about new behaviors, not just new insights. Coaching produces measurable, observable outcomes for the client that grows out of a relationship of mutual respect, trust and creativity.

“Working with Annette has given me tremendous insight into discovering all my strengths and developing my business in a way that will be sustainable and completely in line with my ultimate personal and professional goals.
Annette has helped me develop techniques and tools to transform obstacles into opportunities to launch a new career at 50.”

– Audrey D, Aray Studio, San Francisco, CA