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Leaders: Think Before You Speak

Leaders - Think Before You Speak by Annette Segal of The Valiant GroupBefore you speak, do you clarify your intent? Whether the speaking is in written or verbal form, do you make conscious what you desire from the communication?

Perhaps it is connection you seek. Or attention. Perhaps you have a specific request, say for a solution to a problem or a suggestion or idea, or perhaps what you desire is support.

Perhaps what you most desire is simple banter – a joking, humorous way to connect without deeper meaning.

Sometimes what you may want from the communication is simply to be heard.

What seems important is be be clear rather than confused, to tune into yourself and your heart’s desire so that you turn it inside out, like a pocket and tune into the other, too.

I work with highly intelligent, resourceful leaders. Often the most important shift I support them with is clarifying the intention for their communication. When that is matched up with tuning into the intention of the other/s, real dialogue follows.

So much of the concern of “public speaking” rests on formulas – start with a joke or tell a story or…. and yet, all speech is public and all communication can be true, when we are true to ourselves.

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