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Here’s something I’ve noticed. Its often challenging for coaches to be both succinct and to “go deep” in establishing a client’s current narrative. And if the proffered current narrative doesn’t go deep enough, the new one loses impact, is too narrow or shallow; doesn’t enroll the client.

I’ve found a lovely practice for developing this competence. And its fun (for those film buffs among us).

When we watch films that are largely character studies (and well written, well acted) we can eliminate the superfluous by asking (for each main character) the three magic questions:

Who am I?

Who are others?

What am I to do?

From there, we can imagine the new narrative and its possibilities -one offering a wider view, a fresh perspective. In fact, much good filmmaking does just that – explores a possible narrative the character is moving into…

Here are two releases that are particularly appropriate for this:

“The Cake Eaters” by Mary Stuart Masterson (2009) and “The Lucky Ones” by Neil Burger (2008)

Both films are unusual, moving and feature strong character studies that are extremely well acted.  If film is not your preference, you can practice while reading biographies and good fiction.

Enjoy, practice and develop your competence in offering powerful narratives to your clients.

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