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When you are ready to turn failed New Year’s resolutions into real breakthroughs (achieved outcomes) you need a commitment to yourself, your growth, your development.

What makes Breakthrough 2010 work is that unlike resolutions, you devise a plan with a coach,  are held accountable to take action steps and  get ongoing support. You design a year in which, your aspirations take on an “in the world” observable  form.

Six rigorous  individual sessions following an  in-depth assessment meld your personal vision with the velocity  coaching  provides to create the results you demand this year!

Utilizing  a strategic plan, deep inquiry, somatic exercises,  self-observations and readings, you’ll clarify your desired outcomes, align your resources, overcome the inevitable hurdles. and achieve the results you want. Sessions are in person –  intense and mysterious, challenging yet supportive.

Now in Palo Alto and San Francisco.  Call  for more details.

Easy but not simple, Breakthrough 2010 is the dynamic launchpad for  the  new year.

Tuition: $1500 (some discounts may apply).

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