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What Clients Want

  • “I am willing to make the sacrifices necessary to contribute to the world in my unique way.”
  • “I will be learning my craft forever”
  • “I want to integrate all of myself so that I know serenity and joy.”
  • “I want to finally lay my fears to rest so that I can offer myself to finding solutions to the world’s problems.”
  • “I want to live courageously”
  • “I want to FEEL in order to LIVE”
  • “Is that all there is — NO!”

From my clients

  • “A true ally in tackling the daunting prospect of changing careers or getting “unstuck”
  • “A compassionate, wise and gifted coach”
  • “Willing to take risks and try new methodologies which serve the desired outcome.”
  • “Learn things about myself that I never could have discovered by myself no matter how many books I read or what my friends told me worked for them.”
  • “Today, I live in a wonderful, open world full of opportunities, challenges, and rewards, not the dark box I had constructed for myself.”
  • “Enjoying the ongoing process of finding out who I am instead of forcing myself to be who I thought I ought to be.”
  • “Provided a warm, loving and generous learning environment for me to grow and feel supported in my development”
  • “The essence of her teaching is deep, like an aroma that touches your many way’s of being”
  • “A gentle touch that holds a world of courage and has supported my developing skills with which to show up for deep and often intense work with my coaching clients.”
  • “Helped me discover how readily accessible joy is and deepened my understanding of what true integration is: embracing the shadow side.”
  • “Compassionate and gets to the heart of the matter very quickly.”
  • “Highly attuned, very insightful and absolutely brilliant in her distinctions, observations, assessments and inquiry.”
  • “A gentle, powerful and intuitive coaching style”
  • “Move your life and/or career to a more fulfilling place”
  • “Through modeling and deep inquiry, she encourages coaches to ask more courageous questions”
  • “Her belief that failure is only feedback helps coaches take the risks that deepen trust in their intuition”
  • “A capacity to work with people deeply with an eye toward their taking action in the world”
  • “Brilliant at getting to the heart of the matter”
  • “Ability to cut through seemingly dizzying array of information and knock your socks off with a brilliant insight.”

Top Benefit
“Dive in wholeheartedly (courage) held by unrelenting support (love) to move into a bigger, integrated, balanced life and make your unique contribution (experience fearlessness and joy).”