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The Inner Landscape of Leadership

You’re brilliant, creative, responsible and hardworking. And you’re also tired of sabotaging yourself at work. It’s time to increase your impact, extend your influence and fully inhabit your power.

Leadership is an inside job. It is viewed and assessed externally but derives from your internal atmosphere, habits and orientation.

Taking a holistic approach and incorporating the latest neuroscience, this program will explore the subtle obstacles to your influence and impact through small group learning and pairing partners for a deeper dive.

The Inner Landscape of Leadership: $597

Claim My Power

ClaimMyPowerbyAnnetteSegalIt’s a high impact training program for women executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, or other leaders.

  • You will learn how to stop undermining yourself, in business and in life, simply by the way you are communicating…in words as well as body language.

  • You will cultivate confidence and clarity…and develop even greater leadership presence….so you can inhabit your rightful place: and inspire and influence the people you work with.

  • You will command power, from a place of authenticity and integrity, so you can make things happen…brilliant things…the “right” things that move your organization or business (and life) forward.

Claim My Power: $137

Claim My Power Program + Implementation Coaching: $397

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