Why the The Inner Landscape of Leadership is Right for You

You’re brilliant, creative, responsible and hardworking. And you’re also tired of sabotaging yourself at work. It’s time to increase your impact, extend your influence and fully inhabit your power.

Leadership is an inside job. It is viewed and assessed externally but derives from your internal atmosphere, habits and orientation. 

Taking a holistic approach and incorporating the latest neuroscience, this program will explore the subtle obstacles to your influence and impact through small group learning and pairing partners for a deeper dive.

Relying on the research that teaches us what shifts need to be made in the sphere of thinking, feeling and sensing, you’ll develop the 5 components of emotional intelligence: 

  • Self Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills

What do breathing, smiling, standing tall and taking up space have to do with influence? Lots!

These and other non-verbals show up on the “power-confidence” vector which is intersected by the “warmth-trust” one to form the matrix of leadership.

Taking an Inside-Out approach, participants will examine the places they sabotage themselves,

Learn practices to overcome their blind-spots and deepen their understanding of how to connect their unique gifts with the realities of the workplace.

Some issues to be addressed:

  • How to Make Every Move Intentional
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations Effectively
  • How to Build Confidence through Breathing
  • How to Improve Communication through Congruence
  • How to Develop the Self-Trust to Lead

Over a 3 month period, complete with readings, coaching calls, exercises and practices, each participant will enlarge her sphere of influence beginning with managing herself through compassion and awareness.

You’ll develop an ethical way of influencing your team, standing in your power and contributing to your organization while honing your Emotional Intelligence. 

This is a shift towards embodied leadership - not theories or concepts. What we’re up to is building the body of a leader.

What people are saying about The Inner Landscape of Leadership

"There are lots of programs that make grandiose claims but The Inner Landscape of Leadership does what it sets out to do! Between the calls with Annette, partner calls and the homework, I am able to bring more awareness to the places where I sabotage myself. The support of my partner and coach made this virtual class into a real place of learning, openness and sharing - new strategies, accountability and support."

Kim K. Burson, Senior Director of Quality at Achaogen

"I would absolutely recommend this program, to any colleague or friend wanting to work through some particular issues and step things up either in their personal or professional life.

The 4 recommended books were fantastic and the short daily practices and Annette's very practical tips to make sure we would make time for those were wonderful. The importance clarifying our intention was a powerful tool, and my pairing with Jen and sharing our struggles was also very valuable. Finally, Annette's recap email at the end of our program was priceless for me as it clarified very succinctly the basis of my struggle and put it in clear terms that make it very easy for me to act upon."

Maxime Philippe - Sr HR Operations Analyst, Kaiser Permanente

"Five stars for The Valiant Group’s, Leadership Development! Annette worked with our Executive Team and Sr. Mangers on leadership communications, helping us understand the way we communicate and why we communicate the way we do under stress. Each leader worked on specific challenges and had both support and accountability built into the follow up, helping make shifts in behavior possible. I highly recommend Annette and the Valiant Group for your company."

Dena House, HR Director, Nikon Precision

Hiding behind all the techniques and strategies often taught as “leadership” lies the unchartered territory of a person’s personality, experiences, assumptions and beliefs. The magic happens in uncovering how your personality, experiences, assumptions and beliefs are impacting what you are trying to achieve. And this is the magic Annette has skillfully used in creating the Inner Landscape of Leadership course. This course pulls the cover off that terrain so real shifts can not only be discovered but take root. Leadership development is a lifelong journey. A continuous process to look inwards, to find what is blocking you from making progress in your development. The Inner Landscape of Leadership enabled me to see myself more clearly and make progress in my development goals. A lot of the leadership books and coaches cover “what you need to change” but rarely do they go through the nitty gritty of “how to materialize the change.” Annette’s vast experience shines through when she suddenly gives you an insight about yourself that you hadn’t noticed! And her daily practices were spot on to see material change happen. She is the best coach I have had an honor to work with!"

Madhura Dudhgaonkar 

"I now understand the job of a good coach is to help enhance your quality of life and to help you to dig down to discover the true source of your suffering. Only once this has been identified, are you able to remove the obstacles that will open you up to real and profound change. I can´t say I understood this to be true at the outset of the program, rather I expected something else entirely, something much more superficial. However, The Inner Landscape of Leadership helped me to pinpoint the specific areas where I tend to sabotage myself, seeing others as being the authority, and allowing my own power to seep out, debilitating decisions, and directions I have wanted to pursue for the better part of my adult life. Through numerous calls with Annette, the provision of groundbreaking and personalized content, homework, targeted readings, and the support of a marvelous partner who was pared specifically for me, The Inner Landscape of Leadership provided a virtual world of learning and support to develop new, lasting strategies to help me change my debilitating ways, permanently. This program gave me something else I have never even considered possible, an inner window into my own soul. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking self awareness, and positive change."

Jennifer Rix, Co-Founder, Lazo Creative Studio


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Annette Segal

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