"Join Me on May 20th. . .For Your Journey
From Timid To AWESOME...
Speaking With Power While Embodying Authenticity and Confidence...So You Can Get The Results You Want, In Your Business and Your Life."


You're about to access the POWER, CONFIDENCE, and CLARITY  to be a conscious leader  - which you’ve always had inside you but couldn’t bring forward...by transforming 3 things:

  1. how you speak; 
  2. how you hold your body; and
  3. that horrible sense of feeling like a fraud, despite your accomplishments.   

From Timid to AWESOME is a LIVE 4-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) teleseminar, that is guaranteed to get you where you need to go. The first call is May 20th.

Think of it as a map to high integrity leadership.

By the time you're done, you'll have the clarity and confidence PLUS the tools and techniques to create success, in your business and your life, faster.

"From Timid To AWESOME"


What is the difference between a woman who shares her ideas with the world, boldly, fully and with clarity…without diminishment or apology, AND gets things done…

…vs a woman that doesn't?


The first woman made a few simple changes to how she speaks and how she stands in her power.


Because she found out that she was tired of undermining herself, in business and in life, simply by the way she was communicating - in words and body language.

Could this be you?

Are you a brilliant woman with big ideas to contribute, important organizations and businesses to build, and provocative questions to ask?

But do you often find that you’re not commanding power, because you equivocate, apologize – even look away as you speak.

Or feel like a fraud, despite your accomplishments?

And because of this, you can’t get things done efficiently, mobilize your colleagues, influence your stakeholders or inspire your direct reports in the that way you’d like…and would revolutionize your results.

I’m here to tell you...it’s not your fault.

And I also want you to understand that I know this pattern. I used to do it too.

And then I learned the secrets to fully inhabit my power with authenticity and integrity. 

I want to share these with you. 

You can easily learn to stop undermining yourself.

You can cultivate confidence and clarity...and develop even greater leadership presence without sacrificing your authenticity!

You will step into your rightful place; leading, inspiring and influencing those you work with.

What this means for you is that you’ll be able to make things happen - brilliant things, the “right” things that move your organization or business forward.

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"Powerful leaders speak, move and execute from intention' and the course supports us in this process. 

Annette is a fearless leader who has packed years of knowledge and wisdom into the course. 

The research and expertise offered is cutting edge and the exercises expedite the learning of new ways of being. 

Annette's leadership is filled with a caring heart and solid educational content.  

After the course days I immediately signed up to participate in her next course offering!"


                                       —Paola F., Entrepreneur, New York, NY

"I feel lucky to have stumbled upon Annette's blog and workshops. Annette's  presentations are filled with invaluable wisdom that can only be from someone with vast knowledge and the experience to back it up.  After taking her workshop I feel grounded and armed with tools to build up my leadership skills." 
                                                                                            —Amy K., Consultant, Chicago, IL

"I so appreciate this timely coaching and exploration of my development and personal mastery and how I show up in different relationships, circumstances, and life. Annette provides a wonderful invitation to stop, reflect and  identify which of my habits and behaviors support (or take away from) my personal power.  I am now using my learning in my work and personal life and am seeing a lovely and positive shift."
                                                                                       —Pamela N., Marketing Dir., Ojai, CA



Call Schedule 

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• May  20th  7-8 pm (PST)

• May  27th  7-8 pm (PST)

• June 10th 7-8 pm (PST)

• June 24th 7-8 pm (PST) 

• (There are also calls that you'll have with your learning
partner. You and she will schedule those together.)


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I'm confident that you’ll find value and love this program!
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