Please Consider Today's Special Opportunity

Coaching is an invaluable tool that Fortune 500 companies are instituting with regularity. Why? Because it's the gift that keeps on giving... for executives, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

In the Claim My Power Program you’ll receive a clear map of the strategies (verbal and bodily) that will move you
into more confidence, more clarity, more support so you command influence with integrity and become more effective as a leader at work and home.

The Claim My Power Program, itself, will teach you the strategies to move you forward.

And some people find the additional support of 1-On-1 coaching invaluable.

So to further support you, I want to offer you a month of personally tailored coaching where we will address your specific challenges through a program of specific exercises, readings and practices for you. These will address old conditioning and outdated patterns so you have more space when moving from reaction to chaos arises.

Claim My Power: $137
Claim My Power + Implementation Coaching: $397

Choose the one that's right for you.

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